About the REST Device – Pillar Schools’ Therapeutic Equipment

Learn about some of the therapeutic equipment we have at the Pillar Schools!

Pillar Schools have a host of therapeutic equipment suited to treat the various disabilities of students in our program. Our physical and occupational therapists are trained to operate this equipment to provide the best possible care for our students. One of the newest devices we have is the Responsive Equine Simulator Therapy device, or REST.

Equine therapy uses the movements of a horse to provide motor and sensory input.  The REST device allows therapists to bring equine therapy indoors. “The REST device mimics the gait of a horse,” said Pillar Elementary Physical Therapist Steve Pasterick.  “This provides stimulation to the torso and hips to strengthen core muscles used for balance.”

See the device in use with an explanation from physical therapist Dr. Steven Pasterick in the video below.


The REST device is in use at Pillar Elementary School and Pillar High School. Thank you to the Marcus Family Foundation for making the purchase of the REST device possible. 


Learn more about physical therapy in Pillar Schools here!

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